Life: End of Semester one 2k12

Yesterday was my last exam for Semester 1 of 2012!

2:15pm: exam
MEDSCI is over...
5:30pm: Shadows with the Optom crew
First time to a bar!
My mates shouted 3 drinks and I bought 1.
10:30pm: left Shadows
Went to Wendys because John was tipsy as and needed to 'pee RIGHT NOW.'
I felt so weird lol and it sounded like i was slurring my words but apparently it's all in my head.
Went to Macas to grab some food.
I wasn't hungry but eating makes you feel better, apparently.
11:00pm: shisha
12:00am: went to Aly's
Watched Knocked Up
Talked until we slept
4:00am: sleep
11:00am: went to town

It's cool how I'm going to be spending the next 3 years with these awesome people.

Image: sunset and nightlife of Skycity view from Parnell Rose Gardens

- Jess

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