How to: friendship chevron bracelet

Hi! :-)

This post will be a picture tutorial on how to make a chevron/arrow bracelet out of embroidery floss.

Time taken:
Around 1-3 hours straight
As you can tell, the lighting in the pictures varied dramatically because I did some in the day and some in the night, sorry about that!

Tools and materials:




Note: this requires time and patience, if you forget the order of colour look at the previous pattern, pull on the strings tight to avoid holes between layers

I started with the left mirrored side, if you want to start from the right side skip these first 1-7 steps and come back after you complete the right side.

Note: remember each string requires two knots.

Right mirrored side.

Once you have done both left and right mirrored side, knot the middle.


Note: the bottom bracelet is the exact same method except I didn't mirror the strings (hence different colours pair with each other)

Good luck
- Jess

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