Life: glassons on queen street

Glassons on Queen Street had a renovation recently!
Reminds me of the New Market Glassons :-) love the interior. Feels like a boutique!

Comfy seats for bored boyfriends :P

Who doesn't love free wifi?
There are iPads available for use to search up items on the online store/catalogue.

- Jess

How to: friendship chevron bracelet

Hi! :-)

This post will be a picture tutorial on how to make a chevron/arrow bracelet out of embroidery floss.

Time taken:
Around 1-3 hours straight
As you can tell, the lighting in the pictures varied dramatically because I did some in the day and some in the night, sorry about that!

Tools and materials:




Note: this requires time and patience, if you forget the order of colour look at the previous pattern, pull on the strings tight to avoid holes between layers

I started with the left mirrored side, if you want to start from the right side skip these first 1-7 steps and come back after you complete the right side.

Note: remember each string requires two knots.

Right mirrored side.

Once you have done both left and right mirrored side, knot the middle.


Note: the bottom bracelet is the exact same method except I didn't mirror the strings (hence different colours pair with each other)

Good luck
- Jess

Life: mission bay

Mission Bay with the girls from high school
The weather was a let down but didn't ruin our day!
We went to Mecca Stonehouse for dinner then KiwiYo for dessert
Pretty much went all out and had the biggest bowl of yogurt and toppings!
Was about $13. But still, worth it!

- Jess

How to: Caviar Nails

Hi :D

This is a DIY/instruction guide for Caviar Nails.
I got inspired my Michelle Phan (
and I thought it'd be super cute for the ball as well :D (SUPER EXCITED!)

1. You will need:
- Nail Polish
- Microbeads
- Top coat
- A tray (to catch all the microbeads)
2. Paint all your fingers apart from the finger that is going to be microbead-ed
3. Add many layers to allow the beads to adhere better. We don't want a runny coat or else the beads will just slide off.
4. Dip your finger or sprinkle the microbeads on.
Don't rush this step or else it'll be really messy!
5. Touch up!
6. Add topcoat for long lasting nails :D

Good luck!
- Jess

Review: Australis nail polish

Today I went on a bit of a splurge and bought 3 nail polishes.

Brand: Australis (made in Australia)
Colours: Peek-a-Boo, Aqua, Sky's The Limit
Price: NZD $10.50 each, from Kmart
Quality: 6/10
Pigment: 4/10
Packaging: 8/10 (easy to use)

It was really runny and took a long time to dry.
I needed three coats for a fully pigmented colour.
I've only tried Sky's The Limit and I really like the colour :-)

- Jess

Review: yoyo-beads (eBay)

I wanted to try out Caviar Nails so i bought a set of microbeads from off eBay!
I am super satisfied :-) and hurray for my first parcel ever from eBay! :D


Shipping time: 7-10 days (from China)
Communication: 10/10
Handling charge: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10 (including bubble wrap and a message, as above)

Quality: good
I haven't used micro beads before so I can't compare it to other brands such as Martha Stewart (which is bound to be better!)

If you want to find out more add a comment below :-)

- Jess

Life: Apple Pie

Mum makes the best food!
For some reason she never wants me to help... Even if i insist.
I think because she doesn't want me to know her secret recipe!

- Jess

Life: End of Semester one 2k12

Yesterday was my last exam for Semester 1 of 2012!

2:15pm: exam
MEDSCI is over...
5:30pm: Shadows with the Optom crew
First time to a bar!
My mates shouted 3 drinks and I bought 1.
10:30pm: left Shadows
Went to Wendys because John was tipsy as and needed to 'pee RIGHT NOW.'
I felt so weird lol and it sounded like i was slurring my words but apparently it's all in my head.
Went to Macas to grab some food.
I wasn't hungry but eating makes you feel better, apparently.
11:00pm: shisha
12:00am: went to Aly's
Watched Knocked Up
Talked until we slept
4:00am: sleep
11:00am: went to town

It's cool how I'm going to be spending the next 3 years with these awesome people.

Image: sunset and nightlife of Skycity view from Parnell Rose Gardens

- Jess

How to: Icing on top

Hello :-)
I have absent because of: university
But, I'm back! - for the mean time

I'm not the best at baking. But I like decorating and colours. So why not?

Image: end result of the cupcakes
Bottom of the image: colour scheme of the cupcakes

Hope you enjoy!

p.s. I'm no where near good at baking so I didn't include the recipe, just so you know :-)

- Jess

Life: Beachin' it

Hi! This is my first blog post :D and I have no idea what to write about.

But, Semester 1 has ended!

I had a test in the morning, a dreadful test.
Then Aly and I decided the night before that we're going to run our anger out (from the test) at Auckland Domain. Coincidently the guys from our class were playing soccer there. How very awkward.
Jonny, Kim, Joel and I went to Mission Bay.
Went back to Uni for an afternoon class.
Went to OCF. Got stuck in the carpark for ages.
Talked about 'Event Horizon.'
Came home at 11:30pm.
YouTubed until 2am!
Went to sleep.

Woke up at 11am.
Taking the weekend off.

- Jess