How to: Caviar Nails

Hi :D

This is a DIY/instruction guide for Caviar Nails.
I got inspired my Michelle Phan (
and I thought it'd be super cute for the ball as well :D (SUPER EXCITED!)

1. You will need:
- Nail Polish
- Microbeads
- Top coat
- A tray (to catch all the microbeads)
2. Paint all your fingers apart from the finger that is going to be microbead-ed
3. Add many layers to allow the beads to adhere better. We don't want a runny coat or else the beads will just slide off.
4. Dip your finger or sprinkle the microbeads on.
Don't rush this step or else it'll be really messy!
5. Touch up!
6. Add topcoat for long lasting nails :D

Good luck!
- Jess

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